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The Baron the Outpatient

The Baron went in for a routine check today, but when he came home, he was less 3 teeth. All in the very back, but painful nonetheless.

Mr. T held down the fort after dinner, while I headed up to see my girl Vanessa speak at Ignite: Seattle. Cracked up at all the references to our weekly gatherings, especially the part about putting guests to work.

Afterward, we ate with Keaver, Todd & Natala at the Palace Kitchen. For the first time, noticed the entrees seemed a bit sad. The giant crouton with the Caesar Salad seemed ridiculous, the hangar steak with potatoes seemed overdone. Oh, but wait. Keaver asked for it well done. Not their job to protect him if he asked for it charred. Chalked slower service up to Monday night, but now thinking they were just letting us gab and catch up. The cheese plate and the Basil Rickeys were great. Ok, so they did good.

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