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Take Your Dog to Work Day

Dog day!
Apparently today was a national holiday – Dog Day – a la Take Your Daughter to Work Day. (Someone I know from Phoenix mentioned it, too.)

I signed us up. The Baron did okay. When we hung out in meetings or at my desk, he was chill. But, he can get wacky when meeting other dogs because he MUST meet them NOW — I get anxious which I think makes him anxious (vicious cycle!) but we all survive every time. I joke my dog’s a typical Seattle-ite — SO excited to meet other dogs but after that first intro, has no interest in furthering the relationship. Nothing aggro, but nothing friendly either.

Our most intense moment came when 3-pound puppy sprinted our way near the exec wing (I’ve recently moved floors). Just so happened my CEO was right there…and he laughed, “That’s only one bite for your guy!” True, too true. All I squeaked out was, “uhhh, yeah” as I coaxed The Baron towards the stairwell and hoped he wouldn’t lunge for a snack.

He stayed on leash all day but we took walks to break it up. I met so many people inside and out of the office, just having him along! This is a crazy dog-lovin town.

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Yeah, he was pretty excited. While he sat there, barely containing his excitement to himself for being OUTSIDE! OF THE HOUSE! I kept muttering to him, “Simmer down, this is it buddy.”

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