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Canada Day Party

O Canada
One of my trivia night buddies Kate and her husband Steve threw their annual Canada Day party tonight. Tons of good food, Sweet Cicely Lemonade, tea-smoked goat (can neither confirm nor deny the authenticity of Canadian goat cuisine), barbecued chicken, Canadian beer, Canadian flag chocolate cake and another friend’s (Zach’s) American-flag brownies. I envied their daughter’s pool & treehouse (Fort Rubinskaya!), and Mr. Thibs then offered to build me one — I’ve waited my whole life for one! A great party.

On our walk home, Mr. T wondered if he could get citizenship from the Canadian government these days, as a form of Cajun reparation. Before we could finish that thought, we ran into another neighbor who happened to be giving a tour of the hood P-Patch to Canadian visitors. Canadians – they’re everywhere!

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I know. It’s like they can roam freely across our border or something! They might steal our…health care?

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