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Meet Abbey Road, a P.Y.T.

Meet Abbey Road
Turns out, photographing a little black dog is hard! I took a dozen shots, turned on the auto-focus assist, but this was the only one that came out.

Meet my friend Natala’s new puppy Abbey Road. She’s another morkie, like dear Cuba Libre was.
Natala had a few of us over to BBQ and to meet the little one. YAY FOR PUPPIES.

Given today’s events, Michael Jackson was in heavy rotation all evening.

4 replies on “Meet Abbey Road, a P.Y.T.”

Awwwww. You did a great job! Black animals are tough. I took a photo of a little black dog this weekend and it isn’t nearly as good!

I vaguely recall having the same problem with Mimi. I’ll just have to get a better picture next time, before the sun goes down!

Rachel! I don’t know how it is that I’m just seeing this post and photo now — but i LOVE the pic of Abbey Road. It is so hard to photograph her and you did an awesome job!

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