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Off Menu at Kisaku

Off Menu at Kisaku
This afternoon, I braved icy conditions for Maggi‘s cookie swap. Maggi’s rugelach and ginger molasses are pictured here. I brought Chocolate Featherweight Cookies with Walnuts — a recipe from Orangette. The cookies were fab, but the sugar overload left me craving sushi. That switch for sushi was flipped back on recently, by the Hawaii trip, by Kris and Traca’s dinner party, and a friend’s recent Six Days of Sushi in Seattle. (ETA: Actually, it’s now Seven Days of Sushi!)

Mr. T & I invited out his coworker and wife to our nearby Kisaku. I hadn’t been in years and we sat at the bar. We ordered our usuals, then went for one chef’s specialty of spicy chutoro, avocado, radish sprout and crab with a tempura crunch.

I’m tempted to start heavier research on Seattle’s sushi options…maybe in the New Year.

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