Figs and Delice in a DARK room
Traca threw another dinner party. We gathered at Kris’s place in Leschi with its amazing view of Lake Washington. Soon, Kris will be hitting the reset switch with a spontaneous road-trip of undetermined length. Traca and Kris wanted one final dinner party before she leaves her current home for good.

The Menu, driven partially by Kris’s past as a trained sushi chef:
japanese eggplant with ponzu & tempura bits
pecan salmon steaks, ohitashi (blanched spinach towers)
pork tenderloin medallions with mandarin ginger reduction
burnt asparagus with lemon & kosher salt
tiger eye (tuna & tobiko lightly fried)
stuffed figs dipped in chocolate served with cheese & fruit

Much to my dismay, the lighting was not hospitable for point-and-shoot cameras. There were some fancier photographers there so I figured I’d just direct those for further pictures elsewhere. Plus, it allowed me to better stay focused on the food and socializing. Traca’s coverage is here. And over at Wright Eat’s blog, they’ve covered it, too.

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