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At the Skates of Wrath

at the Skates of Wrath
We went ring shopping midday and returned to Seattle for a Snappy Dragon dinner with Anne and Brian. They currently live in Greece and are visiting through Monday. A & B, and half of our party of 15, headed to Kona Kitchen for postprandial karaoke. I should’ve taken pictures, but alas, I was busy talking and talking and talking some more.

It started snowing on our way there! We arrived too early, so I phoned a friend (motomotoyama, ha!). She kindly retrieved the karaoke MC from home (yes, she knows him) and brought him so we wouldn’t have to head onto another venue (and so he wouldn’t have to take a bus). She saved the day! I even brought out Britney for the occasion. It’d been years. Our group dominated the lineup as snow kept many home, but feedback indicates a winning night — there will be an encore someday. 🙂

In doing her kind deed for the day, motomotoyama was delayed for Derby Prom 2008: The Skates of Wrath. As karaoke wound down, we headed into the blizzard to catch the final hours at the Irish Emigrant.

I can’t wait to visit Anne and Brian in Athens.

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You went out for more fun? I was asleep as soon as I hit the pillow.

I was very glad to finally meet motomotoyama (and I feel so cool, hanging with a rollergirl).

Oh, yes, the night was still young. Wasn’t it? (I can’t remember what time we left Kona now.) 🙂

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