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On the Nature of Hawaiians

Hawaiian & Vegans
Tonight we’re going to neighborhood trivia and I hope to use that for today’s true POTD, but I hate leaving the 11th blank. Some things conspired to knock me out of a photo state of mind yesterday. On the plus side for the day, we visited friends in Redmond after dinner where we watched the Inside Man. That coulda been a picture opportunity, somehow. Especially the part where the cat ran off with the fancy gouda from the dining table. We’d been preoccupied with Denzel and Clive before we saw them circling the large hunk on the floor.

The distractedness continued from yesterday into today and I semi-remedied my state mid-afternoon with caffeine and sugar. Still no Chocolate Ginger Cookies resurfaced at el PCC, but they had these “Hawaiian” cookies. The coconut and papaya are the only Hawaiian characteristics I see and those are not the first food items I think of when I think of the hula state thanks to my Hawaiian compadres. I guess incorporating spam and rice would disqualify the veganness. (I did not get these. Snickerdoodle with butter, instead.)

I wish I was in Hawaii. Soon, my pretties. Soon.

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I would make them at home, but there’s that whole self-control issue with which I must contend.

What a stiff sentence that makes to get out of ending with a preposition.

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