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Evergreen Hydrants

Damn you, hidden hydrant
Why yes, I am annoyed by getting a ticket while out for trivia. When we parked it was raining and I thought I was good. With a flash picture, of course now I see the hydrant–this area has a silly number of hydrants and zones. It’s been two years since my last ticket; a “neighbor complaint” for my car being in my driveway, “impeding the sidewalk.” People do it constantly (from my observations while running) but our streetwatch sidewalk vigilante was inconsistent after our first 6 months here. I’m still bugged about that mostly unresolved mystery which occurred right around the time we also heard one complaining at the street block party about new folks moving in with their fancy salaries and raising their property taxes. (We wondered, oh, has your house value not gone up in 10 years?)

Whew, I feel better. For the record, 98% of the people on my street are very, very cool people.

Well, we won first place. $1 per person, our team of 6 (the max per team) won back $43. This week’s miscellaneous round was Bull Durham. We are brushing up on our gangsta rap for next week’s misc round.

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