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The Dino Mobile

The Dino Mobile
I’ve been very heads down all week, for a variety of concerns. Today, I even ate my homemade Moors & Christians lunch at my desk. Around the snacky hour, Ian texted he was in the hood. I decided it was high time to take a break and test my cookie luck at the granola PCC. I frequently mock their baked offerings, but I am a bit of a lazy gambler. Only in the sense that I’m too lazy to walk further at that hour so I’m willing to chance it. More times than I care to admit, I’ve mindlessly grabbed a treat there only to later realize its vegan status. No offense to vegans, but your cookies leave me wanting on the whole. I know there are exceptions. I gather if I gave up the tasty stuff it wouldn’t offend once my palate changed, but it’s painful for an omnivore.

I digress. At PCC this month, I came across these ginger chocolate chip cookies. No vegan labeling! They are quite like a soft gingersnap studded with chocolate goodness. Lawd, I love them. They were my first thought for snacktime today. Sadly they did not surface in my bakery section scavenging. I made do with a nearly equally fantastic non-vegan cranberry and orange oatmeal cookie. PCC, you are 2 for 2. Good on ya.

So long story long, while Ian & I walked the block, I spotted this Dino Rossi Mobile. I was curious about its ultimate destination for about 2 seconds and then went back to my grindstone.

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