Dinner in the Backyard
A lovely, lazy Sunday. We gardened, replanting casualties of the cold weather. Fingers crossed that this do-over takes. We also got our fair share of loungin’ about.

For dinner, Mr. T grilled up his BBQ shrimp. I love it so. We planned ahead for the week by grilling up extra.

Overall: perfectly relaxing day. One of those rare ones where time doesn’t fly too fast.

Anxiety Monkey
Before heading to a party Saturday night, I decided to test out my new SB-600 flash in our living room, after dark, with the lights turned off. I was shocked that this seems like mid-day — or better, as this room is always shady. I got it a month ago from Mr. T for my birthday, but like any good Taurus, I proceed with caution on all new gadgets.

The party: good to see friends. Didn’t bust out the D80, though.

Anxiety Monkey: a dear friend gave this to me during a life-changing breakup, after a conversation where we joked I needed an anxiety-soothing pet monkey. Now, the anxiety is in the past, but Anxiety Monkey lives in the under-watered tree in the living room. Must fix the water issue.

Flowers in the Yard

I guess we’re headed into Summer, given that all the flowers are starting to fall. The high today was in the 50s. Too cold!

I skipped out on a number of social opportunities tonight, but got my first 3 mile run in, since my surgery 3 weeks ago.

Poor Basil

When we put in the garden a couple of weeks ago, I bought some starter basil to supplement the basil I was growing from seed. Looks like the cold Spring might have done in the poor plants. It’s been in the 40s and 50s all week. I might start all over on some of the plants. I hope it’s not too late.

The Audacity to Win

Tonight was dinner with friends during a volunteer planning meeting. When I came home, Mr. T mentioned the evening’s historic event, with Obama earning enough delegates to get the D nomination. Just a few days before, I’d gotten this book from my beloved library. I’d already listened to Faith of My Fathers a while back. I wonder if the election season will be as exciting as the primaries. I hope.

Baron, mid-grin

We spent most of Saturday working in our garden. The Baron was pleased to be out with us.

For dinner, we fired up the grill and barbecued shrimp, previously marinated in chili sauce.

Hungarian Yellow Pepper Plant

This year, Mr. T decided that he wanted a vegetable garden. Maybe it’s all the press about urban homesteading? Last year, I went crazy with multiple varieties of basil and mint and tomatoes and peppers and more. I’m happy most of the mint, chives, oregano, and thyme made it through this Winter.

This year, I’m not as enthusiastic.  I think it’s the delayed start to Spring in Seattle I mentioned yesterday. Nevertheless, I’m getting involved. I’ll catch on.

About this picture: Today I hung out in the backyard. We planted two beds over the weekend and two trays of annual herbs and some random vegetables. Mr. T did the heavier lifting of working on the newly-created 4’x8′ beds with tomatoes, lettuce, beans, radishes, cucumbers, and peppers. Some were starts, some were seeds. We noticed this AM that we had visitors…birds love seeds! Now, we hunt for solutions.

Here I go. My good friend Maya started her own photoblog and I’m following suit. It’s only fitting to have my first post on her birthday!

I’m housebound for the week, but we spent most of the weekend starting a grand vegetable garden. We’ve lived in our house almost two years and both years, I’ve forgotten that we have lilacs until Spring arrives. And to think, I nearly cut these down over the Winter, forgetting what they were.

Seattle’s a late bloomer this year.

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