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Mad. Sq. Eats, The High Line, and Lower Manhattan

Calexico - Chipotle Pork Quesadilla

Today I decided there was more to explore at Mad. Sq. Eats. I checked out Calexico’s tacos and their chipotle pork quesadilla. That sauce was worth writing home about.

I got a lot of work done at the apartment before joining Mr. T and his crew at Room Service. Room Service is a Thai restaurant conveniently located near Mr. T’s workplace (one of his teammates is in her last two weeks of pregnancy and it’s uncomfortable for her to walk much farther). I’ll say this: on the menu, I ordered the Pad Noh Mai, something I’d never had before — a dish they proclaimed as truly Thai spicy. The description said, “Very spicy. This plate won’t be adjusted to suit American tastes.” I felt like a bad-ass since I thought it tasted normally spiced. (Maybe the mango mojito was just that refreshing?) The food was very good. Seattle has this genre covered well already, so while I wouldn’t have normally selected this place, it was a happy dinner.

Room Service on Urbanspoon

Towards the High Line

The party broke up as we entered the magic hour and I suggested to Mr. T and the Young G that we check out The High Line.

Sunset at the High Line

We got even more ambitious — since Young G wanted to see it, we headed to Lower Manhattan for the WTC site and Wall Street.

Irish Famine Memorial, against Lower Manhattan

We came across the Irish Famine Memorial. On the top side of that complex, it is remarkably like rural Ireland — a patch of dirt and scraggy bushes with a winding path to a viewpoint, right in the shadow of office towers.

But these are probably my favorite images of Lower Manhattan that evening, taken by Mr. T:

Rebuilding at ground zero
Halfway to a ~hundred floors, the new WTC

The Jersey Shore is actually kind of pretty at night.
The Jersey Shore, from the Irish Famine Memorial

Head on
The Bull and the Taxi

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