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Eleven Madison Park + Rye House

Eleven Madison Park
Encouraged by a friend‘s good experience at Eleven Madison Park on Monday, I followed suit today. Everything about the three-hour experience was on point. One can select either four or five ingredients from the menu — I chose four. Four courses turned into more and I wished I’d remembered the advice to forgo breakfast. Thank goodness my friend takes marvelous pictures and catalogs them so well — I was able to gather images of the dishes we had in common into a gallery that you can view on Flickr here. If you want to see more of his work, he’s got a great FoodPr0n 2010 set, amongst others.
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As I was bursting at the seams and more full than I could ever remember, I laced up my running shoes and hit the road for a bit. Six miles to be exact. I charted a course from Chelsea to the South Street Seaport’s TKTS booth where I could pick up a solo ticket to a Wednesday Broadway matinee. I didn’t time the run so well. By the time I reached lower Manhattan, I felt like a salmon running upstream against all the bankers after the closing bell. At the ticket booth, I settled on a show called Elling. The seller told me these were my best choice — a single seat at only 8 rows back from stage. I also liked that the story was set in Norway, where one side of Mr. T’s family originated.

Rye House

I ran back & got ready for dinner with Mr. T at Rye House. I’d found my selection based on a sandwich guide I’d read before I’d even gone to lunch today — the Pittsburgh. When it arrived on my plate, I realized what I’d gotten myself into: andouille sausage on rye with coleslaw and french fries INSIDE the sandwich. I took a picture to submit to “This is Why You’re Fat.” It was delicious & too much after the lunch I’d had, but I squirreled most away for a Wednesday morning brekkie. We also checked out some of their other Rye offerings.

Behold the Pittsburgh from Rye HouseJulep at Rye House

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Then, my friend Kate arrived in town with her colleagues! We met up with them at an izakaya called Sake Bar Hagi near Times Square. I had zero interest in eating, but from what I saw, it’s a place I’d recommend and return to on future visits.

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We also LOVED Eleven Madison Park! Glad you got there. Sad you missed out on Hagi though, that was a favorite of mine from our first trip there–I turned Amy onto it and now she’s been back more times than I have! Definitely give it a try if you make it back to NYC

I think I tried a bite of one dish Kate had, but the idea of tasting anything else was beyond me. Hagi looked fantastic, though, and on par with some of the places we’ve been in Vancouver. Amy mentioned you tipped her off to the place!

Sadly the calf liver is no longer on the menu at Hagi’s. Or at least, it was crossed off of all the menus we could get our hands on. But still, it was so good. I especially loved the squid sashimi.

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