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Facing East on the Eastside, Revisiting Shanghai Garden in the ID

This promises to be a glorious food week. So much is on the books!

For today’s lunch, I finally visited Facing East with Frank & Naomi, my two DimSumCouver pals. I couldn’t have had better dining companions. (In fact, we hope to make a habit out of exploring the Eastside’s ethnic options.)

Unfairly, I had too-high expectations for this place. I enjoyed it but wasn’t blown away. But I’d hit it again to double-check.

We ordered: five spice fried chicken, soy noodles with green onions, salt & pepper shrimp, sautéed sliced lamb, a sweet potato oyster pancake, and stir-fried king oyster mushrooms. My highlight was the fried chicken (surprise, surprise) but I was impressed by how much I liked the stir-fried mushrooms, something I don’t normally go for. My least favorite was the sweet potato-blobby looking dish. Too formless and slithery for me.

Facing East: Five Spiced Fried ChickenFacing East: there's Sauteed Sliced Lamb in there
Facing East: Noodles with Green OnionFacing East: Salt and Pepper Shrimp
Facing East: Stir Fried King Oyster MushroomsFacing East: Sweet Potato Pancake with Oysters & Egg
Facing East Taiwanese Restaurant on Urbanspoon

But then there was dinner, with other friends – Maggi, Kate, & Megan. I visited Shanghai Garden on Saturday, not realizing it’s where I had dinner plans already the following Tuesday…when I put it together, I was THRILLED. I could get the Shanghai juicy dumplings again! So we did, plus shaved noodles & green beans.
Shanghai Garden, Take 2
I ♥ dumplings! Aren’t they beautiful?
I recommend Shanghai Garden wholeheartedly.

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