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Cake vs. Pie

Cake v Pie
Remember Saturday’s visit to Spur for class? With such pleasant memories, when Mr. T suggested I meet him & his colleagues visiting from San Francisco for happy hour at Spur, I jumped on that. We tried the sliders, the pork rillettes, the burger, the oxtail, & the salmon tartare but the fries may be my current favorite in Seattle. Skinny, tossed in chives & smoked. Couldn’t stop eating them. And Marley was back behind the bar!

I recommend Spur to any visitor to Seattle & especially to those from places like en-why-see or ess-eff-oh, unreservedly. Their happy hour food might be the best in the city & will engender envy from people from fancy-pants locales.
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The fries were an excellent base for my next stop of the evening: Cake vs. Pie.
Cake vs. PieLeslie's Caramel Cake, plus Gourmet HoHos

As its title would suggest, Cake vs. Pie was a cake/pie battle ROYALE. It was hosted by the ever-cheerful & delightful Cakespy at her new gallery on Pine. After the 6th cake, I cried uncle & effectively spoiled my appetite for sweets for the week.

For the record, my allegiance was with cake. Sadly, pie won. In this corner of the country, pie never had a chance. At least I got to meet Porkchop, Pug Extraordinaire.
Meet Porkchop

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