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Seattle Chef’s Table August 2010

Chef's Table Menu August 1
We joined friends at Tilth for today’s installment Seattle Chef’s Table. Chefs were present from Rover’s, Lark, Cafe Juanita, Crush, Terra Plata, & Tilth. It made me want to swear never to visit their establishments without checking that they’re behind the stove. It makes such an immense difference.

My favorite dishes were Billy’s Tomatoes & Burrata and the Greek Yogurt Mousse. Oh, but that smoked blackcod’s memorable too…Ok, so I enjoyed every last dish. If you can go, do it.

Our menu, transcribed from above & with my opinions, behind the cut:

1. Johnathan Sundstrom, Lark
Burrata with billy’s tomatoes, olive oil crouton, shiso
Billy’s flavorful tomatoes are very trendy right now in Seattle. With good reason.
2. Tamara Murphy, Terra Plata
Cherry soup with foie gras, morel, goat cheese
Very different, a chilled cherry sauce over the foie & morel. I wouldn’t have ordered something like this typically, so the exposure was good.
3. Holly Smith, Cafe Juanita
Heirloom Pappa al Pomodoro with house smoked blackcod and toasted horseradish
This dish also highlighted how good tomatoes are right now. The blackcod took me back to the great Smoked Haddock in Dublin at Eden’s.
4. Jason Wilson, Crush
Mad Hatter Rabbit Saddle with truffled corn pudding, prosciutto, and chanterelle
People keep putting rabbit in front of me lately. I liked it, but I’ll only ever have it by chance in a setting like this where I start eating it without thinking too deeply on what I’m consuming. I avoid it otherwise, cause it’s kinda like you fried up a puppy or kitten for me. (I had a pet house-rabbit for a decade.) Though it’s not my protein preference, it was still a solid course by a talented chef. We’ve visited Crush — their tasting menu is excellent. One of the most memorable menus I’ve had in Seattle, actually.
5. Theirry Rautureau, The Chef in the Hat!!! – Rover’s
Grilled Squab and Dungeness crab with saffron mhamsa (larger couscous), green bean, and tomato
Delicious. The green beans had a surprising, fresh & summery crunch. Thierry visited us during this round. Charming man.
6. Maria Hines, Tilth
Greek Yogurt Mousse with raspberry, blackberry, and honey tuile
I need to learn to make this at home. Greek yogurt, full of cream. Oh, heck ya.

I left the restaurant a little bit in love with well-spoken, reserved, and talented Maria Hines.
Later in the evening, she was broadcast nationally on Food Network, facing Morimoto on Iron Chef America.
Go Chef Maria!

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