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Sunday in Sorrento

Our Terrace's Lemon Tree
We switched into vacation mode today, with a full roster of nothing. We awoke to sunshine & lemons on our terrace.

When practicing la dolce far niente, one still must eat. We chose Inn Bufalito for lunch.
Inn Bufalito
Ok pizzabread salad

It was no Da Franco (a little bland, actually) but gave us plenty of energy for wandering Sorrentine alleyways & the marina, and to get our bearings.


alley in Sorrento

We ended our day at Il Buco, a well-known place in a restored convent. We had our second great dinner in a row: local prawns, octopus ravioli, buffalo mozzarella made nearby & served 4 ways, fettucine with walnut sauce, and baba au rhum.

The service was even better than our dinner, though maybe this was unusual — Mr. T overheard the nearby table remarking to each other that the staff was fawning all over us. I say hey, sometimes you just hit it off. I’ll take the good times.

Inside Il Buco, an old convent

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