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Robbie Burns Night

This is what they thought of the Haggis
We went with friends to a traditional Robbie Burns Night downtown. For dinner the amuse was haggis. I took this top picture shortly after that was served. Note Karen & C’s skepticism. I believe Karen outsourced her haggis two places down. Later, there would be barley soup and tenderloin with garlic roasted potatoes and Cab Sauv from Australia and then ladyfingers and chocolate with the best cream ever. Or, if you’re feeling poetic: Feather & Shrub Porridge, Tenderest Loin, Neeps & Tatties with Poetic Essence, Blood from the Heartiest of the Vine, and a Caledonian Cream & Citrus Martini.

For Burns Night entertainment, there was the Selkirk Grace, the spoken word of Robert Burns’ My Love is Like a Red Red Rose, a Toast to the Lads, and the requisite shoutout for the Lassies. They wrapped it up with Auld Lang Syne. In between, there was a bagpipe entrance, a scottish band, and a music and dance performance by the lovely Gothard Sisters trio, pictured here:
Burns NightBurns NightBurns Night

Afterward, Mr. T & I walked over to the Zig Zag on the Pike Street Hillclimb, an establishment I hadn’t visited in years. I had the Fancy Drink (I was lured in by Meyer Lemon Dry Soda) while he had something along the lines of a Manhattan. The drinks list was so extensive, it would take weeks to work your way through the good ones. Our refreshments were delicious.

The Friday night atmosphere was bustling but never overcrowded. Service was at a perfect pitch while we wound down from the evening on velvet banquettes. I should head back sooner than 7 years, next time.

Address to the Zig Zag, on the other end of the spoon:
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