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Blue Sky

checking out heel height
Note: I didn’t take this picture, sprizee did. She went with me to check out a dress shop today. So there was this one dress that wouldn’t need to be hemmed or altered in any other way, if I could handle the 4 inch heels. I actually could, but I bet I’ll spring for a hem. I believe she caught me estimating the height here wrapped in a cap sleeve idea I was just checking out for warmth. (Didn’t match the dress or anything.)

I’m not on point: I found a fantastic bridal shop in Seattle today, thanks to sprizee pointing out a PhinneyWood blog entry. It’s called Blue Sky Bridal. I’m half-afraid to share it, in fear someone will get to a dress I’d love before I do.

Of the dozen shops I’ve visited in a week, this is my favorite. The dresses are lovely & amazing. I’m going to send all my engaged friends there. After I buy my dress.

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