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Oliver’s Twist

Oliver's Twist
Rocky’s influence has been strong this week. A casual mention when I saw him at BOM put Oliver’s Twist back on my radar. Mr. T & I took the longer way home from work, stopping at OT in Phinney Ridge today.

Wicked awesome: Bleu cheese bacon stuffed dates with marcona almonds and warm tomato vinaigrette. I’ll be thinking about this one for a while.
Very Good: Bucheron chevre with figs, walnut bread croutons, and truffle honey. I am avoiding bread temporarily, but made an exception. Worth it.
Okay: Fingerling potatoes cooked in duck fat. Met expectations.
Not so good: I think Mr. T’s first cocktail made him a little sad. I think it was a Seelbach? We suspected the cava made it too sweet. His Sazerac perked him right back up, though.
Hrm: our tomato cappuccino with grilled cheese sandwich was forgotten. We were hoping to compare contrast with our beloved Latona Pub’s Grilled Cheese + Tomato Bisque. Ultimately, such oversight was okay. We were ready to head home and end this long week. And it started to get really busy by the time we left — it seemed like our waitress covered half the place on her own.

We’ll be back. This place has a great happy hour.

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[…] I confess this is from a few days ago, but I decided not to inflict anymore commuter highway images upon you. For now. I spent several hours in traffic today, and followed it up with a lovely evening at Oliver’s Twist for LUPEC Seattle. I was terribly impressed by the awesome service we received from the lady taking care of our 20-person group. I enjoyed it last time we visited, too. […]

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