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Sounders FC vs Houston Dynamo 0-0

I want one of those Sounders Monkeys
Mr. T & I made it to our first Sounders FC game tonight at Qwest Field, thanks to his season ticket-holding colleague. We rode down to SoDo with sprizee & her Dude and kicked things off right with dinner from Marination Mobile next to Safeco Field.

The final score was a draw — the high point the goal, the low point moments after, when the ref rescinded based on a foul call halfway down the field. Fiddlesticks.

Never a total loss as the people-watching was good and we came across this dude on our way back to the car:
Pink Rabbits

As it happened, our man Rocky looks like he was sitting directly behind sprizee & her mayn. Evidence. I’d recognize that white hat anywhere!

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Suit? Yep, that’s Rocky – a very well-dressed man. That’s what got Mr. T’s attention on the big screen, too!

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