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Salumi’s Backroom

He brings all the good stuff.
Backstory: we’d made plans with Rocky for Salumi’s backroom lunch. I’ve heard about it for years, but neither Naomi nor I had been. Rocky set it up weeks ago.

Last night at Korean BBQ, Naomi asked,
“GUESS who’s coming to lunch with us tomorrow?”
Frank Bruni.
“NO. Really? Get. Out.”

He’d be in town for an Elliott Bay book talk and two Kim Ricketts events for Friday night. I loved Bruni’s 5-year stint as a down-to-earth critic in the New York Times, and when running, regularly listened to his podcasts. But things came up & I had plans elsewhere.

So. He joined our group for the epic backroom lunch. My favorite — the lardo lollipops on grissini. We had sweet-and-sour cippolini onions, pasta with spicy pork, spicy pepper stew, pork loin porcetta, culatello on gnocco fritto (fried gnocchi puffs)…that’s only a sampling of dishes, as I wrote nothing down and took few pictures so I’d take it all in.

Just a day in the life, y’all.

Leslie's Birthday Treat
Salumi graciously commemorated a birthday (Leslie‘s) in our party with these.

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