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Muffin Top Trio, Reunited at Kaya – Korean BBQ

Korean BBQ
Gastrognome, Rachel, and I (the Muffin Top Trio — it’s a story) reunited for Korean BBQ tonight. Sure, the grill was great but the unanimous favorite was the raw beef appetizer. If you go to Kaya, keep in mind the portions are huge. We ordered the BBQ for 3 people, when there were actually 6 at our table, and ordered more dishes to complement, like naengmyun and dduk sam. We were stuffed. The space is as gorgeous as the Seattle Weekly article on Korean in Seattle suggests.
Kaya Asian BBQ & Grill on Urbanspoon

Oh, and in case you were wondering about the Kites from yesterday, I did catch some of them late afternoon.
Kites over WA

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