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Crawfish Boil at Marcela’s Cookery

Crawfish Boil
Remember that disappointing crawfish boil attempt in April?* Soon after, I heard a new place called Marcela’s Cookery in Pioneer Square was flying in crawfish. The option to stay in town was much more attractive than schlepping north to a place that had already let us down. I still held back on my expectiations and I was hesitant at first, since I’d heard longstanding lackluster reviews of a Louisiana place in that neighborhood. But quick research assured me this was a new & different place to try.

I RSVP’d that Mr. T & I would attend. Despite his heritage, he’s never been to a crawfish boil. I figured it was high time to introduce him. We met with about 20 other mostly-Southerners for a private party in the afternoon. Since I had a big dinner to attend in the evening, I limited myself to what you see here. The crawfish was good, but gone far too quickly. Once I got to the corn and potatoes, I began to appreciate how good it all turned out. Another guy from Baton Rouge tipped me off to the idea of ordering extra potatoes to mix with olive salad for an amazing potato salad (it’d finally be spicy enough for me!). I’ll definitely be headed back soon for more authentic Louisiana food.

*To be fair, the other place has tried to make amends by offering to have us back sometime soon on their dime. Due to all of our travel, I haven’t been able to make it back up to Snohomish County. Mr. T’s parents enjoyed their visit so much that I’m sure we’ll be there soon.

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