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Making Up for the Disappointing Alligator Soul

Kobe - Katsu at the H Mart
Several weeks ago, I heard Alligator Soul in Everett holds crawfish boils on Saturdays during the season. I had a 3-hour study group but decided Friday to make reservations for soon after the meeting. I suspected they’d get busy so I asked the woman on the phone if she was absolutely sure they wouldn’t run out. She acted like that was a dumb question.

At 1, when my group was done, I scurried home to pick up Mr. T. To say I was excited: complete understatement. We were about halfway to Alligator Soul (20 miles) when my phone rang. The hostess was calling at 1:30 to say they’d run out of crawfish. I was livid. LIVID. Livid.

We got off the interstate to reformulate our gameplan.

I consulted the G1 and remembered I’d wanted to try out the H Mart’s Kobe. We headed over to check out their katsu I’d heard about. (Mr. T fondly recalls a great katsu place outside of his Tokyo hotel where he stayed for 6 weeks on business and is looking for the stateside equivalent.) I also ordered a side of kimchi udon. Everything tasted pretty good, but I wasn’t wowed this time. I’d try again. The service, I have to note, was stellar. You don’t normally see that with a crew of young’uns working the shop.

And then we had Beard Papa. Our trip = success.

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