Bacon Pizza
We arrived in Portland mid-afternoon. After checking in at the Hotel Modera, we walked over to the expo, then met up with sprizee and her Dude.

For my pre-marathon dinner, we hit up Apizza Scholls on Hawthorne. The best pizza I’ve ever had, right there. This is the Bacon Bianca, with whole strips of bacon over fresh mozzarella. We also ordered a Sausage and Peppers pizza and a Margherita.

Fabulous, every moment of it. Then, we walked down the street to Jaciva’s Bakery.

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2 Responses to Bacon! Pizza! A perfect marriage.

  1. […] we replace the spinach with rotisserie chicken and added Mama Lil’s goathorn peppers, which we first discovered in Portland at Apizza Scholls. That stuff is truly made of […]

  2. […] a sea salt chocolate chip cookie. This is best pizza I’ve ever had in Seattle and on par with Apizza Scholls of […]

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