Birthday Cake
Our friend Eric turned 30 this week, and his awesome wife, The Architect, staged a surprise party. (She also made a fabulous carrot cake during the festivities.) Mr. T and Eric go way back, 10 years maybe, to days of rooming together at UW.

I’d run 15 miles this afternoon, so I was tuckered. (I cut one mile off, afraid of being late for the surprise, but turned out they moved up the time.) Fortunately, it was a low-key night where I “watched” others play games and rifled through their book collection…I didn’t want to move much.

I’m bummed I missed another old friend’s birthday gathering in Belltown, but the laid-back evening was the appropriate speed for me.

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  1. […] has been makin noise about Latona Pub all week and on our way home, stopped for dinner. Our friends Eric & Anne live up the street so they joined us. Afterward, they came over for cake. I have to admit, I will […]

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