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Lazy Sunday

End of Lazy Sunday
Upon waking, Mr. T made eggs and ham for the croissants from yesterday’s stop at L’Artisan. It was good fuel for my weekly long run–10.2 miles, a step down from last week’s 13. This is part of training ramp-up; every third week is slightly shorter than the week before. Next week will be 15.

Before running, I lazed about, reading Valley of the Dolls for next week’s book discussion. I started getting into it, but it has lulls. I am nearly done after several hundred pages today. It’s Sex and the City: the Prequel, with more drugs.

Last week, I mentioned to motomotoyama that it’d been months since I patronized Target and it was time to head back. This is a sideshot from the parking garage in its final moments. The sunset was spectacular.

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