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Dinner in Mill Creek
We had every fine intention of spending the afternoon with Mr. T’s very large extended family on Camano Island. Turned out a semi was our nemesis, blocking four lanes of I-5 North near the Everett Mall. We retreated at the nearest exit, once we heard the radio report, taking side roads south, near where Mr. T spent his last two years of high school. Since that time — well, even since I lived in Snohomish County until aught-four — Mill Creek’s expanded and we found this new Indian place, The Clay Pit, right near a new Central Market (jealous!).

He got the Tandoori Chicken Tikedar; I got the Nawabi Korma with Chicken: 4/5 stars. I prefer the tandoori sauce from our favorite–India Bistro of Roosevelt–but this was good. The Nawabi Korma was great.

Before dinner, I finally visited L’Artisan of Silver Lake. I first heard about this bakery from a cooking-school classmate last year who nannies for a family in SnohoCo. She raved about the bread, but I’m pretty spoiled by the fabulous options in Seattle proper. We grabbed a Truffle Tart in addition to the baguette. The tart was an amazing treat at home, right before we watched Babel.

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