Intl Driving Licenses are a Racket
I have some international driving on the horizon, so it was the annual mad rush to the Bartells to get some passport style photos before a trip to AAA. (They are only good for one year.)


Book Club met at the Row House once again this month. (I love love love their backroom for small gatherings. Have I mentioned they have 5 kinds of grilled cheese sandwiches on the menu? It’s heaven.)

We discussed Napoleon’s Privates which seemed a promising series of vignettes when we picked it, but turned out to be surprisingly lacking in the compelling department. Someone described it as perfect for a bathroom book. Yes!

After giving book content discussion a good honest try, we spent a long time chatting about life. I was long overdue in catching up with these kindred spirits of mine, so mission accomplished for this month’s book club.

Cookbook Club: Sept 11
This afternoon was our Cookbook Club gathering. We covered Alice Waters this time, and we were free to work from either her Chez Panisse Fruit or Vegetables books.

I worked from Fruit, making Peach Melba. Yes, it was remarkably easy (technique-wise) just peeling and slicing up those peaches, if time consuming. Others found prep time similarly lengthy, but I have to say in the end that this was one of the better group meals I’ve encountered. So: glad we all sacrificed to make this so worth it.

After this month’s meeting, we were immortalized in this entry with Maggi on Tea’s site: How to Start A Cookbook Club. Recommended reading!

Maggi had us assign a smug factor to our dish as we each spoke about how we acquired ingredients or completed our assignments, which I rather enjoyed. My smugness came from using “white peaches” from a CSA box, but someone else actually grew her own zucchini blossoms before deep frying them with cheese. I think she wins. Oh, wait, someone else churned her own butter! Let’s overlook that I did not make my own vanilla ice cream, but rather went for Haagen-Dazs’ Five – Vanilla Bean.

The Crawfish Peeling Demonstration
Mr. T’s parents belong to the Swedish Cultural Center and tonight, we went with them for the Crawfish Crayfish dinner the Center holds every year. (Note: the word crayfish sticks in my craw, almost irrationally and I believe unjustifiably as who is a transplant to tell these folks what to call it? I’m trying to get beyond myself. This irritation lingers despite my knowing that these are a different kind of crustacean and so they are completely justified in calling them whatever they like. Or at least that’s how I can handle it. Also, these come from a nearby lake, not a bayou!)

The Swedish prep them with dill and lemon. The claws were several times the size of their southern cousins, making them more akin to baby lobsters. Aunt Mary Joyce was with us, still visiting from the South, and when asked by a Swede which she preferred, she quietly said, “I think I prefer a little cayenne with mine.” Amen, sister. I believe it has a lot to do with what you were raised with. Trying new things is what it’s all about though (at least in my life), so I’m pleased I finally made it to this dinner.

Let it be known that their hospitality was top-notch at the SCC. The hostesses running the show were very chatty and welcoming. I learned more than just the Swedish drinking songs! Also, I’d like to visit their country sometime but that should be a given at this point in my story.

My favorite moment of the evening: the lady peeling off her Crawfish costume to demonstrate how you eat them, pictured above. Now, I never saw that at any backyard crawfish boil in Louisiana.

sashimi bento!
A visual of what you get when you order the sashimi bento at Chiso. So full after finishing this lunch that I didn’t really care to eat for the rest of the day.

Pizzeria 22
We met up with friends Jenny and Mike tonight in West Seattle for a little Italian wood-fired pizza. My favorite was the one with San Marzano tomato sauce, goat cheese, pepperoncini, artichoke hearts, and olives. Lovely evening with lovely friends. Lovely!

Late Summer, on the Seattle Street
The last day of Labor Day Weekend! We didn’t do much of anything, unless you count running outside to take a picture of a neighbor’s antique on the street.

Grandpa's 90th
Mr. T’s grandpa turned 90, so he came up from Florida for a big family birthday party. His girlfriend Pat (center) flew on a plane for the last time to attend, and we got to meet his little sister, Aunt Mary Joyce (left). I’d only met Aunt Mary Joyce on Facebook before :), and she is a doll.

Bourdain goes to Cajun Country
A good evening spent curled up with the TV, watching No Reservations: Cajun Country. Highly recommended episode on Southern Louisiana. I was so proud when he declared a dish he ate in someone’s backyard as the best thing he’s eaten since El Bulli.

Tonight I attended the Tom Douglas Ice Cream Social at the Palace Ballroom.

The Flavors I tried:
By Peaks Custard:
Beautiful Bay Leaf
Chocolate Turtle

Fainting Goat Gelato:
Salted Caramel
Grapefruit Sorbet

Old School Frozen Custard:
Vanilla Affogato with Zoka Coffee

Procopio Gelato:

D’Ambrosio Gelato:

Bluebird Ice Cream:
Theo chocolate

Dahlia Workshop:
Buttermilk Peach Cobbler

Butter Toffee

My favorite was the vanilla custard from Old School.

We had to wrap up the evening at Palace Kitchen with SALADS.

Summer is a State of Mind
A little wisdom from a center on Ravenna Ave.

Though, I protest a bit: more than a handful of days close to 80 would have been superb.

Uneeda Henry

We met up with the Burger of the Month gang at Uneeda Burger. Mr. T & I had our usual order — the lamb burger with poutine. The most delicious surprise of the night goes to the salted caramel shake.


Off for Bainbridge
I caught an evening ferry to Bainbridge tonight, to meet up with friends on the other side.

Ferry to Bainbridge
Spectacular views all around.

Hitchcock - Friday Dinner
My first stop on the island was Hitchcock. My advice regarding Hitchcock: it is a fairly easy walk from the terminal, if you’re not carrying much. I couldn’t imagine enjoying this in the rain — my walk along Winslow Rd took 15 minutes.

If you see a Mexican-inspired watermelon, basil, and cucumber salad on the Hitchcock menu, don’t hesitate to get that. On the salty side, but so delicious I wished it was the whole meal. Others loved their beets. I followed my choice with the Spaghetti (like a Carbonara, but with lambchetta). It needed a bit more oomph, and I learned likewise for the egg fettuccine and the Sablefish. I’d give it another go, though.

We skipped dessert to head to Mora for ice cream!

Hitchcock on Urbanspoon

The New Hotel Ballard

While running an errand over lunch, I came across this new hotel on the main Ballard drag. Stylish! It fits right in with all the hood’s new cute shops.

The New Hotel Ballard

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