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Our First Full Day in Sanur, Bali

More sunrise from my pagoda
The upside to falling asleep before dinner is that if you keep on til morning, you’ll get 14 hours of sleep AND be up in time for the sunrise.

La Taverna's Private Beach at Sanur
We kept today low-key: we stuck around the hotel mostly, but also wandered into townto check out some local food.

Come Sail Away

This sign is as old as film.
Fuji film sign photo by Mr. T

Sanur, Bali, has a 5 km boardwalk. We wandered the southern half on that into town to visit Warung Belanjung (aka Warung Blanjong) for more Nasi Campur (Mr. T’s beloved mixed plate) and Siap Betutu. Siap Betutu is chicken cooked in Balinese spices, wrapped in banana leaves with a side of rice and green beans. Later that evening at the Bonsai Cafe, I tried a similar dish, but this time with fish. Both would be worthwhile recreating at home.

Nasi Campur #2 Siap Betutu

Mostly, we relaxed into our surroundings today. We spent hours on the beach where I skillfully sunburned a single kneecap.

From our lounge chair, to the left

From our lounge chair, to the right

It was a delightfully lazy day.

A Happy Beach Bum

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