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Sailing and Whidbey, but not at the same time

Week 4: Our Instructor + Our Boat
Our instructor, Ross, and our little ship

Today was our fourth and final week of Sailing. I felt least newbie of all the weeks, and even did okay on our final exam. The biggest lesson I’ve learned is that knots are easy with practice, the wind is a whole world of its own to learn about, and I’m surprisingly tired the day afterward. Two hours non-stop on the water running a small boat takes more out of you than you think. We’ll go back for race night Fridays soon, though. And maybe bigger boats down the line.

Next on our agenda: Whidbey Island. I was recruited to help a dear friend move her stuff from a former home back to a place closer to Seattle. This friend happens to be on the other side of a great big ocean, so there was a bit of choreography as I was the one present to be the Stage Manager. We went up to Langley tonight to be ready for the morning move schedule.


Our ferry.

The Sound to Whidbey Island

Our passage.

Langley, Whidbey Island

Our sunset after a fine dinner at Prima Bistro, in “downtown” Langley.

Prima’s a fine stop on a main lane through Langley. As we scanned the bistro’s menu out front, a couple told us that they were returning for a second night in a row — they strongly encouraged us to join, too. Mr. T was hooked by the French-inspired menu and we spent a fair amount of time on our ordering strategy. The bar service was tops — I loved the Salt and Pepper cocktail. If you’re lucky to sit on the roof deck, they’ll even bring you blankets when the sun starts going down.

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