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Burger of the Month at Toulouse Petit

Burger of the Month: Toulouse Petit - Menu
The month’s Burger of the Month excursion was to Toulouse Petit, for my third visit to the establishment. During the first one, a year and a half ago, the environment was so loud I couldn’t hold a comfortable conversation with my future in-laws. The second was a riot, for my bachelorette party, and we were up for noise. This 3rd visit was just right for me for this Monday night — not too noisy to enjoy our pleasant company.

I ordered the beef burger medium rare and Mr. T ordered the lamb burger, as the gang split or shared some of both, along with grits, crawfish beignets, and other Creole plates. I was at first underwhelmed by its presentation — the burger appeared naked for the way the menu chatted it up. I mean, look at that rundown listed above. You expect it to be The One. Instead, there seemed a few wispy strands of onions and a smudge of sauce to go with the ample cheese.

For a moment, I thought it was. Turns out I’m easy for Stilton on beef, so I was in heaven as I wolfed down the first quarter; I was starving and so thrilled to be eating I wasn’t taking time to assess components. Then you could hear the rumblings as commentary began. E pointed out the bun/burger ratio was way off. A shrugged. Others followed with a general ‘meh’ and Mr. T mumbled something about liking yesterday’s more.

There were other highlights of our meal. The die-hard potato lovers graded the pommes frites well. E’s asparagus had me fantasizing about upcoming Spargelzeit. The crawfish beignets were an awful lot like the best fried crawfish balls — maybe just as good as what you can get at any number of well-known Cajun places in southern Louisiana.

All in all, we agreed the BOM outing wasn’t one of the best for the intended purpose. But we’ll be back, for those Creole options.

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