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Marion’s Birthday at Needle and Thread

Needle and Thread
My friend Marion reserved the Needle & Thread speakeasy for her birthday tonight. There is no set menu generally — the bartenders ask your preferences and improvise. But tonight, there was a Marion cocktail that went through 7 iterations before we left. (I’d ended my run for the evening after Marion #2, since I have a big day planned tomorrow.) The Marion started out very pink but not far off from a Negroni, and evolved into something more Champagne and Elderflower by 1 AM.

I highly recommend this space for private parties.

Recently, Mr. T’s developed an interest in photography, which I fully encourage. He spent a lot of the evening using my camera and caught some good pictures of friends.
The Birthday Girl and Byron
The Birthday Girl and B

J & B, who I also spent the weekend with, on Bainbridge last week

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