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Girls Only Game Night

Misty at the Beveridge Place Pub
Misty rocks.

For the 3rd time, we planned a girls-only Catan night. Except when we showed up at the Beveridge Place Pub, it was Trivia Night! We adjusted our plans accordingly. At one point, Misty said she wanted her picture on someone’s blog. Done and done. It’s not that common to find someone that psyched to have their picture taken so I was excited to be posting this, too. I’ll have to snap her picture more often.

Beveridge Place Pub is very much into allowing everyone to bring their own food to gather. (It’s a great Third Place.) We took advantage of their encouragement and Kristi made and brought in pulled pork for sandwiches. It was awesome:

Picture by Marika, from instagram.
Beveridge Place Pub on Urbanspoon
Our setup was quite the conversation starter in the packed pub.

Team Wood for Sheep placed 5th. Not too shabby for our first night out.

Sunset 3.16
Also awesome: yesterday’s sunset in Seattle.

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