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Moshi Moshi?

Moshi moshi
One long week left me craving sushi and superb cocktails by Friday evening. We beelined to our reservation in Ballard. I went for my usual spicy whatever – my weakness in such moments is whatever’s present on the menu with jalapeño or hot and spicy sauce.

The ginger-san roll (hamachi, red jalapeño, cilantro, ginger, & avocado) arrived for me first, followed in short order by shishito peppers with lemon and sea salt. Mr. T ordered and received an overwhelmingly gratifying udon of shrimp tempura with yams & noodles in broth. As this was basically my first meal of the day, we followed these with a late request of the Red Hot Roll (spicy snow crab, red jalapeño , cilantro, avocado & tobiko). I was less impressed with this final item, but the Death Poem cocktail soothed any disappointment. Aged guatemalan rum, rye, grapefruit, lemon, aperol, and cinnamon bark syrup with an orange twist cures quite a lot.

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