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Alcatraz with D. & San Francisco with Kate

Alcatraz: US Penitentiary
I’ve been to San Francisco several times, but somehow Alcatraz never worked into my plans. Today, I changed that by visiting with another friend who’s lived in Berkeley for 3 years but never made it herself. It was a a classically foggy San Francisco Day.
Gloomy, Dusty, Foggy Alcatraz
A set, here:

Afterward, D headed home & I met up with Kate at Rickhouse, an exceptional cocktail place near Union Square.
Top Down at Smuggler's Cove
We followed that with Smuggler’s Cove, a rum tiki bar (in honor of Rocky) where we synced up with Mr. T before running to our Cafe Zuni reservations. Roasted chicken with bread salad: WORTH THE HYPE. And the 45 minute minimum wait. Note: I tried calling ahead to order this, but they were no go on this. You must be seated to order. There were a few service delays and it was hard to wrangle our check.
ZUNI Café on Urbanspoon
This delay became an annoyance only because we arrived late at our next destination: Bourbon & Branch. 8 minutes and we heard about it from the front door man. Well, okay, our bad. Otherwise, service at the bar was also top-notch. And now I know why the Tenderloin district has its reputation, so that was educational.

It was a long way back to Silicon Valley.

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