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Our Room with Its View
Mr. T & I arrived in San Francisco mid-afternoon today. We dropped our bags off at the Hotel Vitale, then hiked up to North Beach/Nob Hill for a midday repast at The Comstock Saloon. It was a strange hour to be there, but seemed pretty full so we grabbed a seat at the Victorian Bar. I ordered the Barkeep’s Whimsy — something akin to a Sazerac — while he ordered the Martinez. Spectacular. Then, some other patrons vacated a booth, so we moved into their place before ordering the Little Gems Salad & Fried Tater Boats with Cheese Curds & Gravy. Ying & Yang! Delicious, is what it was.

Comstock Saloon - Bartender's WhimComstock Saloon

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We wandered back to our hotel to discover our room was ready with a fabulous view of the Ferry Building (pictured above). I marvelled at the mini-bar, with its odd assortment of snacks and my own personal oxygen canister. (What.) I still kinda wish I’d checked out the oxygen, but couldn’t get over the feeling I was being put on. It was $15 a hit; $65 to take the canister home with me.

We laid low ’til dinnertime, where we had reservations to Prospect, thanks to Rocky. Dinner was early-ish at 6:30. It was so filling despite deceptive small portions, we were done with any notion of food exploration & retired to our fancy hotel for the rest of the evening. This is my 3rd trip in a row to San Francisco, where there’s been a meal that kills my appetite DEAD. The cocktail, quail & JB’s French Toast were worth it & unlike my Town Hall experience of ’09, I was fine by morning.

Prospect Dessert Menu
The Dessert that Nearly Done Us In

I hear ya.
How we felt after dinner.

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