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Street Scramble & Coolio Cookbook Club

The Therapist is In
The therapist was in after this morning’s Street Scramble, but he would not sit the hell down.

I participated with friends in a scavenger hunt throughout Fremont, known as the Street Scramble for the Fremont Oktoberfest. We did alright — I think we placed 5th. Pretty good for over 20 teams.

Late afternoon, my cookbook club gathered to cover Coolio’s cookbook. Yeah, that guy who did Gangsta’s Paradise. Apparently, he’s a great cook who now caters in L.A., which led to this book. I’ll admit there were some things I enjoyed just fine (like Broghetti, or the Mermaid Steaks), but I didn’t go into sodium shock.

Several of my fellow participants would prefer if we never speak of this again.

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