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Swiss Road Trip to Basel via Avenches

We hit the road early afternoon to head to Basel to visit other friends of M&J. En route, we made a quick stop at Avenches, formerly known to the Romans as Aventicum.
Not much farther down the road, just past the Röstigraben (aka the Rösti line or literally, the Rösti trench), we came upon Aarberg in Canton Bern, another darling town with its own Gesundheitcenter. I still giggle when I see this. Imagine what goes on inside a Gesundheit-center.
Gesundheitscenter, near Avenches
We arrived in Basel for dinnertime, whereupon D&S guided us to the Restaurant Steinbock for: Rösti!
Basel - Restaurant Steinbock
I would also like to point out another site from our day, under Basel — the bike parking:
Basel Underground
The whole set from our Swiss Saturday, here:

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