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Spicy Talk Field Trip with Frank & The GastroGnome

Chong Qing Chicken - Spicy TalkDan Dan Noodles - Spicy Talk
Lamb with Soft Tofu in spicy gravy - Spicy TalkTwice Cooked Pork - Spicy Talk
The GastroGnome & I met up in Redmond today to have an Eastside lunch with Frank. After reading Nancy Leson’s coverage of the nomadic chef, I wanted to track it down. We ordered:
1. Dan Dan Noodles
2. Chong Qing Chicken
3. Twice Cooked Pork
4. Wild Chili Lamb with soft tofu in hot gravy
It lived up to the spicy name & I enjoyed every dish. The Chong Qing Chicken reminded me of popcorn shrimp (mostly in a good way). I loved the heat of the lamb but the pork and those Dan Dan Noodles set me for the day. We had plenty of leftovers.
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