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SLU Block Party: Letterpress + Poboys

Hold the presses, I need to take a picture!
Karen & I went to check out the Where Ya At Matt? Creole Food Truck for lunch. Along the way, I found a letterpress booth & made my first sign.
More letterpress setup

By the by, the poboys at WYAM? are the real deal. Next time, I’m checking out the muffuletta. Matt, a NOLA native, says they have someone specifically making bread for those & the poboys, which explains why they’re so right & more like Leidenheimer. Leidenheimer’s the perfect bread for a poboy. I’ve missed it. Matt also had the right recipe down for the muffuletta, but they ran out. An hour or so later, I swung back to pick up more take out for Mr. T — chicken/andouille gumbo & Red Beans and Rice! Both were good, but I’m for the gumbo.
Time for Where Ya At!
Shrimp Poboy Time!

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