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LUPEC Seattle Rum Class & Dumpling Crawl

at the end of LUPEC Rum Class at Spur
Today rolled in gray, making my earlier decision to attend the LUPEC Rum Class appear almost prescient. (Like many in Seattle, I dread boxing myself inside on a potentially sunny day!)
LUPEC Rum Class at Spur
The event was held at Spur & our teacher was the talented Marley. We arrived to find a great spread of antipasti & a thick packet of information, all about rum. Marley led us through tasting many kinds before wrapping up class with two kinds of Mai Tais & the potent final: The Zombie. Sidebar: this was an excellent exercise in pacing. One must be on their marks, right out the gate.
The Zombie at Spur

In our state, an impromptu dumpling crawl in the International District sounded like an ace plan. First up, the Ping Lee Market to investigate future takeout. Excellent:
We'll return for takeaway dumplings, later.

Then we wandered into the cave-like Fu Lin for our first delicious order of Shanghai Juicy (soup) Dumplings. They were solidly good & inexpensive.
Fu Lin on Urbanspoon

Next, we visited Shanghai Garden for Shanghai Juicy Dumplings with ginger, pork & scallion, High Nutrition Barleygreen Noodles, and Spare Ribs.
Shanghai Garden - Shanghai Juicy DumplingsShanghai Garden - High Nutrition Barley Green Noodle
Shanghai Garden Spare Ribs
The verdict at Shanghai Garden: wicked awesome.
Shanghai Garden on Urbanspoon

Our final tasting stop was Uwajimaya’s Food Court for Beard Papa’s new Paris Brest and the Dulce de Leche Cream Puffs. Good, but I almost always want their cream puffs to be more than they are.
Papa Beard's
Beard Papa's on Urbanspoon

Sufficiently back down to earth, we wrapped up our late afternoon shopping the aisles of Uwajimaya.

Yeah, I’d say it was the perfect rainy Seattle Saturday.

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