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Lunch with Dunder Mifflin

Lunch with a Talented Photographer from Dunder Mifflin
Today, sprizee & I had lunch with a talented photographer from Dunder Mifflin at The 35th Street Bistro.

My dining companions had a Croque Madame Brioche & a Farmer’s Lunch that included a grilled cheese on brioche plus a side salad and Watermelon, Cucumber and Honeydew Melon Soup. All bistro-lovely. I had the Salade de Crevette et de Romaine Grillée. There were only 3 prawns, grilling the romaine was unnecessary, and it benefited greatly from a healthy dash of salt — but I will still happy with it. Must be something to do with the bacon lardons included. I’d return. There are few places of this restaurant genre near “south Fremont.”
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Yeah, it was fun! Next time, I need to ask him about small-town Oregon living.

Also, this reminded me to add some notes. 🙂

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