C & I's Wedding
Two very good friends were married today on the Skansonia Ferry on Lake Union. The top image is of the photographer from our wedding, at this wedding. I can’t wait to see the pictures from him of today’s festivities!

After the wedding, we went on with Kate & Joel to the Ballard Seafood Fest, followed by a stop at Carnegie’s. It was a fabulous, hot & sunny day.

Here are some more friend shots at the wedding:
C & I's Wedding

C & I's Wedding

C & I's Wedding

C & I's Wedding

Henry, the bus, on Northlake
The Henry murals are all over the north side of Seattle, mostly in Ballard. On my way back from Celeste & Ian’s preview of their wedding venue, I caught sight of this mobile mural on Northlake.

LUPEC at the Coppergate
Tonight, was the montly meeting of LUPEC at The Copper Gate in Ballard. We dined on new Scandinavian treats & Aquavit cocktails.

End of an Era
Today marked the end of an 8-year era. This badge’s superpowers are retired.

Prior to LUPEC, some friends joined me at The Ballroom to commemorate the retirement. After LUPEC, we hit up The Viking. Sometime, I’ll hit up the Viking again for their shuffleboard. I’ve got time.

Sambar's Basil Julep
Mr. T and I had a very busy evening. First, we caught up on my LUPEC June homework by visiting Sambar. The Basil Julep was my favorite, but Lucky Luke and Lantana held strong.
SambarSambar's Bar
Sambar's Lucky LukeSambar's Lantana
Then, we went to a friend’s art opening at The Burke. He went onto The Pig and Whistle for the arty after-party, while I caught up with my old trivia gang.

ruby's art
We were at Mr. T’s parents’ for a big family birthday BBQ today. The last time I ate that much was Thanksgiving, 2 years ago. I couldn’t pass up my father in law’s shrimp or King Crab or his goat cheese and bacon Jalapeno Poppers.

The picture above is by my talented niece, Ruby.

This was my laziest Sunday in months. We got it together to head to Geraldine’s & Rand’s for pulled pork and Caramel Apple cake and….FIREWORKS!

I love fireworks, but I love these people even more.

I got a few pictures thanks to my camera’s fireworks setting. Next time, I shall remember my mini-tripod. For some reason this image reminded me of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Or maybe Animal from The Muppets?
Is this the flying spaghetti monster?
I loved the colors this year though my favorites were the white ones that exploded on a secondary time delay.

Lake Cle Elum
This morning, I planned to stay low-key all day. But with 10 minutes to spare, decided to join Mr. T on a kayaking trip through the arboretum for a friend’s birthday. We saw baby ducklings!
Ducklings! Feasting on their Lunch.
We followed with a delicious meal at Agua Verde. I was in such a peppy mood, I decided to head east to Cle Elum, to meet up with friends there. I got a little lost on my way back from the lake but at least I got some great views out of the situation. The lake is so close (an hour), but felt like far Eastern Washington with its heat and sunshine. Must revisit.
Lake Cle Elum

Sugar Shack!
Mr T & I walked to Mr. Villa’s at Lake City/80th. There’s this new mural at The Sugar Shack that wasn’t there before! Also, how come I’ve never been to this place?

The Duck Whisperer
Afterward, I took The Baron on a stroll in the hood, after Twilight.
Greenlake, early Summer
Greenlake, early Summer

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