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The Sugar Shack, Then Greenlake

Sugar Shack!
Mr T & I walked to Mr. Villa’s at Lake City/80th. There’s this new mural at The Sugar Shack that wasn’t there before! Also, how come I’ve never been to this place?

The Duck Whisperer
Afterward, I took The Baron on a stroll in the hood, after Twilight.
Greenlake, early Summer
Greenlake, early Summer

6 replies on “The Sugar Shack, Then Greenlake”

Um, that mural has been there for at least 3 years 🙂 the Sugar Shack is great!

Ha ha! Oops. (It’s less than a mile from my house.)

So what you’re saying is, I should drive up Lake City Way more often instead of my 75th–>35th routine, maybe venture NE of the pet shop or Pagliacci’s once in a while?

I hear there might also be BBQ in the hood.

Well, the further north you go on LCW, the more likely you are to be shot in the face with a pellet gun, so…maybe not! 🙂 the BBQ place (Casper’s) moved to 155th & Aurora, boo! However, the Third Place Books in Lake Forest Park has LOTS of cake. The pros and cons of going north are many.

Oh, Casper’s was the BBQ place?! A friend’s probably going to have them cater her wedding, I didn’t realize the connection.

Hmm. I didn’t know about the cake at LFP. That would be a strong draw.

Thanks for the warning on the pellet guns, for when I dare to head north. 🙂

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