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Nordy’s Anniversary and Upcoming Canning

Canning Cherries
I started my day with Naomi downtown for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Not only is she a great partner in crime on the food front, but I think this was my favorite shopping day of the year. Maybe the last two years. Now I’m now well-equipped with new layers of clothes for this year’s strange weather patterns AND I finally sprung for a pair of Hunter Wellies. Bring on the rain. Um, in two more months, please.

After a mid-afternoon vet appointment (see yesterday), it was time to pick up apricots & cherries at the Queen Anne Farmer’s Market for this weekend’s canning. I read off recipes to Mr. T as we drove to Delancey for dinner. We settled upon a first plan of Apricot Current Jam. I haven’t had much experience with currents, but a) he remembers them growing at the house where they lived in Germany when he was a child and b) more importantly, he really liked them and c) I overheard they’re in their brief season right now. Sold and sold.

Canning Apricots

Sidebar, regarding dinner: visit Delancey for their pizza, yes, but right now you should GO FOR SOME OF BILLY’S SUMMER GEM TOMATOES. Their dish comes with Sheep’s milk feta, preserved Meyer lemon, and basil-shallot vinaigrette. To die for. You can thank me later. (Only 12 more days until their pizza with Padrón peppers is back!)

A friend of mine known as pouryourheartintoit on Flickr, captured a great picture of it:
Delancey, Ballard, Seattle (40)

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