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We Bring Our Own Blue Skies

We Bring Our Own Blue Skies!
Today was a Friday Picnic of the Unemployed. After a week of sunshine, the gray AM skies were a bit of a surprise. Celeste remarked, “It feels like we’re a PEMCO ad.” Indeed. It reminded me of my favorite commercial in the series: Blue Tarp Camper’s “We Bring Our Own Blue Skies!” (I’ve been on that soggy camping trip to the coast pictured in the commercial, with Kate, the subject of the image above. Ah, good times.)

In the first hour, we had one visitor on her lunch break (also, pictured above). Then we hung out for hours more, waiting for the marine burn-off. Regardless of weather, it was a great way to spend the afternoon.

Picnic #1: Success.

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