Today marks two years since I started this little daily project. At the time, I was recovering from a surgery so I used the downtime to set up a site. It fed a desire I had for years to gather my ongoing & frequently-photographed adventures in diary format, published more timely. I’ve mostly done what I set out to do.

As things have transitioned lately in several areas of my life, I’m unsure how much longer this will continue and if in a public format. But on anniversaries, I like to indulge the nostalgia and also take stock. I haven’t yet made any decisions but I certainly don’t regret having this record. I am glad I have it.

For my daily diligence of the last few months, I didn’t take a picture til the sun set tonight. I’ll spare you the poorly lit record of my dark dining room.

Instead, I’ll share a photo I saw a few years ago by flickr user EdgarDiazRocks. The title & the image still strike me now, and I suspect will forever. It’s titled “i’m afraid to forget.”

Yeah, that’s about right. I’m afraid to forget.

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2 Responses to Two Years!

  1. Congratulations – 2 years is no small feat. I’m approaching one year, and it feels like it’s been 10. 🙂

  2. Rachel says:

    Thanks, G! Has it only been a year for you? Life is just speeding by…

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