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Cookbook Club: Falling Cloudberries

Cookbook Club Contribution
This month’s Cookbook Club covered Falling Cloudberries. I brought the Kourapiedes pictured above. No big surprise in my selection as these are very similar to Mexican Wedding Cookies or Russian Cakes that I am known to love. These are a Greek variation. But I got so frustrated during the 2nd batch I finished off the brandy I’d bought as an ingredient. The recipes were in narrative style — for an unpracticed cook like me, this led to many rereads and I still missed steps. These turned out fine.

I’d tried the book’s Prawn in Peri Peri & Feta sauce and it needed so many adjustments I bagged plans to bring it to the gathering. This was completely okay since there was so much food there: ribs, couscous, gravlax, sweet pickles, carrot salad, garbanzo salad with feta & cilantro, youvetzi, carrot cake, semolina cake with rosewater syrup, creme caramel and two kinds of ice cream — caramel and vanilla. Everything was SO good.

I think that the general consensus was that most recipes needed slight changes here and there. Could it be that the conversion from British to US measurement caused this issue? That’s the pet theory I’m pushing.

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